Kaibin Huang-Towards an Intelligent Edge: Communication Meets Learning

日期:2018-08-27 类型: Academic 学术交流

Towards an Intelligent Edge: Communication Meets Learning

Abstract:With the prevalence of smartphones and IoT sensors on the network edge, namely edge devices, people envision an incoming new world of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence. This vision motivates Internet companies and wireless operators to develop technologies for deploying machine learning on the (network) edge giving rise to a new platform for supporting intelligent applications, called edge learning. This trend aims at leveraging enormous real-time data generated by billions of edge devices to train AI models. In return, downloading the learnt intelligence onto the devices will enable them to respond to real- time events with human-like capabilities. In this talk, I will sketch this shift of paradigm in computing and communication and propose various research opportunities crossing the two disciplines: wireless communications and machine learning.