Young Choon Lee-Collaborative Distributed Systems: Spanning from the Edge to the Cloud

日期:2019-12-20 类型: Academic 学术交流

Collaborative Distributed Systems: Spanning from the Edge to the Cloud


Servers, whether they are in a private (cloud) data centre or in a public cloud (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform), are typical computing resources for distributed systems. In the meantime, edge computing devices, such as smartphones, smart watches and dash cams are becoming a new breed of distributed computing resources with the power of ubiquity. Edge devices often serve as the low-latency computing platform for Internet of Things (IoT). Collaborative Distributed Computing is an emerging computing paradigm that leverages the seamless access to heterogeneous resources across edge computing platforms and clouds, for scalable low-latency distributed computing. In this research, we aim to develop a cross-platform resource management framework that leverages collaborative distributed computing. The efficient use of any computing systems heavily depends on their resource management techniques. Collaborative distributed systems are no exception. In this talk, I will discuss resource management techniques for collaborative distributed systems and present a set of novel resource sharing techniques and scheduling algorithms to achieve our aim.